HAMADA News Portal

Price :1200$ For 1 domain
Techniques Used :php - mysql - jquery - html - css - ajax - raintpl - web scraping

- News Portal with Full featured admin panel.

- Articles are grabbed from news websites and saved in the script (with keeping the copyrigts for the sources).


There are 2 forms of this script

1- Grabbing full text artciles with images and save it in our site.

2- Or just grab the articlles links and thumbs and publish them in iframes

sources copyrights

1- In the first form of script we post the original link of the article and we mentions the source's name

2- In the second form we already publish the article from the source's website in iframe


Script features

1- News Script with Full featured admin panel.

2- Full control on categories (adding - editing - sorting - removing).

3- Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories.

4- Advertising system which contain 2 type of ads (banners & codes like adsense).

5- Likes & unlikes option for each article.

6- Social websites sharing buttons on each page.

7- Currency prices (ajax) .

8- Weather stats widget.

9- Options to add videos from Youtube.

10- Commenting systems for vids and articles.

11- Rss genration automaticlly .

12- Possibility to ban IP's from visiting the site.

13- Possibility to change  admin panel's folder name for more security.

14- Firewall for admin panel.

15- Polls System.

16- Unlimites Photos galleries.

17- database backup option from admin panel.

18- Generate meta tags automaticlly from post text.

19- Seo friendly script.

20- Good Admin Panel for editors.

21- Using gzuncompress to compress articles text to decrease the database's size.

22- TinyMce  editor is used.


To Test The Demo Version Contact Me.

The Current Version Is In Arabic

( It can be translated to english freely for clients who want to buy it ).

The price depneds on the number of sources (it starts from 1200$ for 15-17 sources).

Price is Negotiable.

Examples of The Product :

1-  http://www.almshaheer.com/

2-  http://www.khabarmubasher.com/