Development of

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Techniques Used :PHP - Mysql - Jquery - Ajax - HTML - CSS - RainTpl Template Engine - Web Scraping

- Developing and Reprograming of

 - Kewaiti & Ksa Stocks Market website.

- Website which provide live prices , data and news for stocks in Kewait & KSA stocks Market.

- Publishing very important data like (Ask , Bid,Prev Date, Prev Ref, Legality, EPS , Book Value, Accumulation, Distribution Value     ,Trades,Volume,Average Deliberating Price, P/E Ratio, Last/Book Value, Deliberating Ratio, Low ,High ,Open, Change , Last).

- Publishing KSA & Kewait stocks market indicators.

- Gold , materials & Petroluem Prices In Kewait.

- live data which are updated every minute.

- members stocks wallet (to make any member able to focus on his own stocks).

- completly aumatic running on each site process depending on cron jobs.

- sections to provide and advise members technically under the supervision of finanical experts.